Pfisterer Termination Kit, CONNEX type is used as universal connection system for cables, transformers and GIS. The solid-insulated, fully encapsulated Pfisterer Termination Kit ofCONNEX connector system makes power transformers and GIS uniquely flexible: in design, commissioning and in operation. With CONNEX type Pfisterer Termination Kit , the systems become compact all-rounders, well prepared for new requirements in the future. Your advantage of using Connex type Pfisterer Termination Kit: The systems can be used variably over the long term and the investments are guaranteed over the entire service life.The trend is clear: substations are becoming more compact and network infrastructures increasingly dynamic. That's no problem with CONNEX type Pfisterer Termination Kit ! Simply plug the Pfisterer Termination Kit in - power transformers and GIS are effortlessly mounted or replaced, save space indoors and out, and even offshore, ready for new challenges.

CONNEX type Pfisterer Termination Kit forms a unit with transformers and GIS. The device connection part of Pfisterer Termination Kit is permanently mounted in the systems and serves as a standardized interface for various components, such as feedthroughs or surge arresters. This reduces the hassle enormously, as the sensitive interior of the plant is no longer interfered with.With CONNEX type Pfisterer Termination Kit, PFISTERER Termination Kit covers all voltage levels between 6 kV to 550 kV. The pluggable Pfisterer Termination Kit connection system includes a wide range of cable accessories,Pfisterer Termination Kit ,Pfisterer GIS Termination Kit – Connex size 2 , Pfisterer GIS Termination Kit – Connex size 3, surge arresters, feedthroughs, sleeves and voltage test systems as well as mounting and test accessories. This makes it the most comprehensive product family on the market.CONNEXtype Pfisterer Termination Kit is the trend-setting connector for transformers and GIS in outdoor installations and in buildings. In addition, connex type Pfisterer Termination Kit is the only connection system to have the certification for offshore applications by the classification society DNV GL, making it ideal for use on ocean-going platforms and in wind turbines.

Advantages of Connex Type Pfisterer Termination Kit

• 75% time saving on the first installation
• little need for space
• Application in the field and in buildings
• Quick change of location as a replacement transformer
• Flexible conversion of transformers possible
• Touch-proof maintenance
• High protection against electromagnetic fields
• Certified for offshore applications
• Tested safety according to IEC standards

touch proof cable termination kit

touch proof cable termination kit